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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries C7.1kw H8.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System SRK71ZRA-W

* 5% discount on full upfront payment
  • Powerful 18m reach airflow in cooling mode
  • Improved energy efficiency utlising R32 refrigerant
  • Allergen clear system to capture allergens and neutralise bacteria
  • Optional Wi-Fi control
  • Installed by our qualified, talented and friendly team
* Enjoy a 5% discount on us when you pay in full, up front!
* Pay 30% now, 70% on completion
Supplied and Installed
  • Single Level House, Town House or Apartment.
  • Outdoor unit to be placed on Brackets, Concrete Slab , PVC Mounting Blocks
  • Up to 3m of Interconnection Pipes from Indoor unit to outdoor unit.
  • 20amp Electrical Circuit up to 15m
  • Isolation Switch
  • 5 Years Labour Warranty
  • 5 Years Manufactures Warranty
  • Any additional metres $55 per metre.
  • Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne Only

Air Flow

3D Auto AirflowOne touch program that operates three independent motors which effectively distributes an even airflow across the entire room.Auto Louvre ModeDepending on whether the unit is in heating or cooling mode this will automatically set the louvre at the optimum angle for even air distribution.Jet Air TechnologyAdvanced fan blade technology, used in the development of jet engines, efficiently delivers powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow.Memory LouvreSet the louvre at the desired angle. Unit will automatically return the louvres to this position on every subsequent start up.Right/Left Louvre SwingThe vertical louvres will automatically swing left and right for even air distribution.Up/Down Louvre SwingThe horizontal louvres will automatically swing up and down for even air distribution.

Clean Air

Allergen Clear OperationMulti-stage operation that activates enzymes in the specially designed filter, neutralising and suppressing airborne allergens such as pollen, dust and hair.Photocatalytic Deodorizing FilterEasy to clean filter that catches airborne allergens and particles before neutralising odour causing bacteria within them.Removable CoverRemovable front cover allowing access for easy cleaning and maintenance.Self-Clean OperationDries the indoor unit and filter, preventing the growth of mould. Designed to be run regularly after use.

Comfort and Convenience

Child LockLock the remote control to prevent little ones from changing functions and other settings. Useful for families with curious young children.Comfort Start-upWhen using the ON-TIMER function, the unit will switch on slightly earlier than the SET time, to ensure the optimum temperature is reached at the ON TIME.Dry OperationReduces humidity by removing moisture from the air without effecting indoor temperature.Hi Power OperationProvides 15mins of boosted power to quickly heat or cool your home before returning to normal operation. Perfect for when you first turn on it the unit. Note: For FDE, FDT, FDTC, FDUA, and FDUM series can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.Night SetbackDesigned for the colder seasons, this function ensures the room temperature is kept at around 10˚C, even while unoccupied.On/Off TimerSet your unit to turn on and off once, at specific times, within a 24 hour period. Unit will then turn on and off at the specified times every day.Positioning of InstallationManually set the horizontal airflow direction to ensure even air distribution in situations where the indoor unit is installed in close proximity to a wall.Preset OperationThe desired preset operation mode can be enabled with a single touch of a button.Silent OperationSet periods of time where the unit will operate with reduced noise levels, perfect for night time and an uninterrupted sleep.Sleep TimerSet a pre-determined amount of time between 30 and 240 mins that your unit will operate for before switching off.Weekly TimerSet your unit to turn on and off at specific times for each day of the week to suit your needs.

Energy Saving

Eco ModeUnit operates at slightly reduced capacity to reduce power consumption while maintaining a comfortable room temperature.Fuzzy Auto ModeUsing fuzzy logic algorithms, the unit determines the operating mode and temperature settings automatically and adjusts the inverter frequency.


Auto Restart FunctionIf there is a temporary loss of power, when power is restored, the unit will automatically restart in the same operating mode it was in.Microcomputer-Operated DefrostingAutomatically activated during low ambient temperatures to prevent the frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger.Self-DiagnosticsIn the unlikely event of a fault the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. This enables a service agent to quickly isolate and repair any issues.