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    Like all our belongings, the appliances in our houses age over time. But unlike big ticket items such as our car, Air Conditioning, white goods and other electrical appliances can just tick along in the background for years without us taking much notice of them.

    It is still important to make sure they are in ship-shape working order to avoid them breaking when we need them most, or worse still causing damage to our property or even our family.

    There are a number of tell tale signs that you have an electrical fault such as 

    • lights going dead 
    • lights flickering
    • power arcs at wall outlets 
    • burn marks on power points
    • appliances that suddenly stop working
    • electrical crackling sounds coming from the walls
    • hot power points

    However it is possible to have electrical faults at your residence without even knowing that they exist. 

    If you notice any symptoms of electrical faults, or you just think your home is in need of a checkup, Airomania’s electricians can diagnose and fix your problems. Our technicians are highly trained and can find faults in your system before they become an issue, thus avoiding annoyance, damage or even a life threatening situation.