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    Blown Fuse

    The main fuse board or switch board in your residence is what divides electricity out into the various electrical circuits in your house or apartment.

    Each fuse in the board is responsible for a circuit in the residence. When a circuit overloads or overheats, the fuse blows and therefore stops the electricity flow to that circuit before it causes damage, or worse still starts an electrical fire.

    Fuses can blow for a number of reasons, such as:

    • a circuit being overloaded with too many appliances
    • a faulty appliance on one of the electrical circuits
    • a damp, broken or faulty circuit

    When a fuse blows, it is doing its job of protecting the electrical circuit and the appliances in the house. If a fuse blows, it is important to ascertain why it has done so. It might be obvious, like a broken kettle, or it may not be obvious at all. Faulty appliances should be unplugged immediately to avoid them interfering further with the power circuit.

    Removing a faulty appliance from an electrical circuit will often fix the problem, however if you have a fuse that is repeatedly blowing and you are unable to track down the problem, we have a certified, qualified electrician for you here at Airomania.