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Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Since we all spend the majority of our lives indoors, indoor air quality should be a priority for everyone!

Some of the things you might be breathing in on a regular basis without knowing it include mould spores, dangerous particles like lead and asbestos, and corrosive gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and ozone. All of these can harm your health and all of these can be removed with proper filtration and monitoring.

What do Indoor Air Quality Monitors do?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors monitor air quality levels, as well as humidity and temperature to provide you with the best comfort and breathing conditions.

IAQ monitors are programmed to detect even trace amounts of corrosives such as Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, fine dust particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like Benzene and Formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals and gases. IAQ monitors do this through sophisticated electrochemical sensors that analyse the air that passes through them for any impurities, ensuring oxygen levels are optimal and air is contaminant free.

We stock a broad range of IAQ monitors, enough to cater to any application or budget. Some of the features available include:

  • The ability to integrate with your Smart Home system
  • Remote access to data so you can monitor your air anywhere
  • App connectivity
  • Ability to track indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Ability to monitor the levels of specific pollutants
Why do we recommend IAQ monitors?

Whatever we can smell in the air – and all of what we can’t – will end up in our lungs. This could mean anything from lingering tobacco smoke to unnoticeable bacteria and viruses. Reducing the amount of contaminants in our indoor air can be a massive step to improving you and your family’s quality of life.

IAQ monitoring becomes even more important for Hay fever sufferers and asthmatics, for who airborne pollutants can cause severe reactions.

In all of these cases, IAQ monitors are invaluable tools to safeguard your family against potential hazards they may be breathing. IAQ monitors alert you to the presence of any potentially harmful particles in your air allowing you to take action. IAQ monitors can even be synched with other products that eliminate these harmful particles upon detection, providing your family with unrivalled safety and dramatically improved indoor air quality.

So remember, just because you can’t smell a hazard, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Which Indoor Air Quality Monitor do we recommend?

We at Airomania recommend the uHoo IAQ Sensor, which offers the most comprehensive sensing equipment available. The uHoo monitors across 10 different categories, offering the most effective monitoring on the market. These categories include:

  • Air Pressure, which may cause headaches
  • Temperature, for comfort
  • Humidity, to prevent the growth of mould
  • CO2, which may inhibit your focus
  • TVOCs, which are harmful chemicals
  • Any particles bigger than 2.5 microns (smaller than talcum powder)
  • Carbon Monoxide, which produces fatigue
  • Nitrogen Dioxide, which is present in bad odours
  • Ozone, which causes irritation
  • Viruses, which may be lingering in the air

The uHoo provides unrivalled monitoring of these categories with the additional benefit of mobile app connectivity and the ability to personalise your device’s settings. uHoo is a fantastic product that stores your data, providing accessible data anytime, with the ability to synchronise to any device through its WiFi connectivity. We recommend the uHoo to any household who wants to really improve their indoor air quality.

Talk to us at Airomania about our range of IAQ monitors today!

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    Highly professional service every time. Honest company, who put their customers first. Quality workmanship, with genuine prices using high quality equipment. Would comfortably recommend Airomania to anyone requiring Air Conditioning and HVAC maintenance, new installs, and general servicing. Matthew


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