What Is The Ideal Temperature For Air Conditioning Overnight?

January 13, 2021
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If you want to have a comfortable sleep environment, but also want to keep your power bills down during the hot Sydney summer, you may be wondering what the ideal AC temperature is for summer nights. What room temperature should you keep your bedroom at to stay comfortable at night when sleeping while not wasting your money? Find out now in this blog from Airomania! 

The Ideal Temperature For Sleeping Is Between 15.6° C And 19.4° C

According to research from the Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 15.6° C And 19.4° C. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to set your AC units this low to get a comfortable sleep – it’s definitely possible to stay comfortable at temperatures of 20°C to 22° C.

However, once the temperature begins to exceed 25 degrees, you may find that you begin tossing and turning. And around 26-27 degrees, most people won’t fall asleep easily, and will be sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Our Tips For A Comfortable Night’s Sleep – Maximize Your Comfort Levels & Savings

So, how can you keep your bedroom cool and sleep well without spending tons of money on energy bills? Here are a few tips. 

  • Cycle air conditioner temperatures daily – During the day when you’re not at home, set your thermostat to 5-6 degrees higher than you normally would. Reduce it when you come back home, and then set it a few degrees cooler to your ideal temperature for sleeping at night.
  • Get a fan – If you want to keep your core temperature in check, a fan is a great investment. Fans don’t “cool” the room, but they move cool air over your body and blow away air warmed up by your body temperature, which makes you feel a lot cooler. Best of all, fans are cheap and very inexpensive to run compared to air conditioning, so you’ll save money if you sleep with a fan.
  • Invest in zoned A/C – If you have ducted air conditioning, you may be able to set up a zoned A/C system with the help of an A/C professional. With this type of A/C system, you can set the individual temperatures of each room. So during the night, your bedroom could be set to “sleep mode” at 20° C, while the rest of your house stays at 25° C.

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