The Benefits Of A Ducted Air Conditioning System

January 13, 2021
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Ducted Air Conditioning

Not sure if you should install a ducted air conditioner in your home? While the initial outlay and cost of installing ducted air conditioning systems is higher compared to split systems like “mini splits,” they’re worth the investment in the long run. So in this blog from Airomania, we’ll take a look at the benefits of ducted air conditioning, and discuss why you may want to purchase a ducted system. 

What Is A Ducted Air Conditioning System?

A ducted air conditioning system is one of the most common types of air conditioning. It consists of a condenser and compressor that are placed outside and an evaporator that’s placed indoors, often in a closet or attic, or even on the roof, space permitting. Technically, these systems are a type of split system air conditioners, but this term is usually used to refer to ductless “mini split” units. 

The air conditioner then works to pump cool air into your home through a series of ducts. These ducts run along and inside the interior walls of your home, and end in a series of vents placed in each room of your house. 

Ducted air conditioners are also available in “packaged” models that include the condenser, compressor, and evaporator in one package, but these are less efficient and are usually only used to cool commercial spaces in most circumstances.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Ducted Cooling System 

  • Energy-efficient – Ducted cooling systems tend to be a more energy-efficient choice for homeowners, particularly those with larger, multi-storey homes, so you’ll save money on your power bill.
  • You only need one A/C unit – Using multiple window units or a ductless mini-split system means you’ll have to maintain and set up several air con units in your home. This is not necessary with a ducted cooling system – you only have to worry about one air conditioner.
  • Superior comfort – It’s easier to keep the temperature controlled to your liking, and since cool air is delivered equally to all areas of your home, you’ll feel much more comfortable, and avoid “hot spots” that are common with window units and ductless mini splits.
  • Ducts can be used for heating and cooling – Whether you choose a heat pump that can run in a reverse cycle to heat your home, or a standard electric or gas furnace, your ductwork can also be used for your heating system when the weather cools off in 

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