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Ducted gas heating can last anywhere between ten and 20 years with the average lifespan being 15 years. The longevity of the system depends on how well it is maintained and serviced throughout its life.

There are a few reasons to replace your ducted gas heating. If you have a very old model it may still be running fine, however older models can be very inefficient and can result in higher costs on your energy bill. You may assess that savings offered by a modern, energy efficient system more than make for the cost of replacement.

Likewise, if your system is old and not working as well as it should, there may be the option to replace certain parts to bring it back up to optimal operation. However in cases where the heat exchanger is broken it is probably necessary to do a full system replacement. Airomania’s expert technicians can assess this for you, advise, and carry out the necessary repairs or replacement.

Regular servicing

Like any system however, the best option is to keep it well serviced and optimally operational over its lifespan. Airomania offers full servicing of ducted gas heating systems, and can do so on an ongoing schedule which will ensure that your system lasts as long as it possibly can.

There are a few factors that contribute to the longevity of ducted gas heating system:

Heater Quality

Buying a high quality heater from a reputable brand will go some way to ensure that the heater lasts well. In additional we recommend that you choose a brand that offers a heat exchanger warranty of more than five years.

Heater Model

Older models of gas heating have heavy gauge metal heat exchanges and these can last for up to 30 years, however the drawback to them is that they are nowhere near as energy efficient as the newer steel heat exchangers.

Newer model heat exchangers are made of aluminize or stainless steel. They do not last as long but they will save you on energy costs. This can be a consideration when thinking about whether to replace your existing system. It may be working, but costing you a lot more on your energy bill.

The right model

Getting a heater that is the right capacity for the space you want to heat is essential, as an undersized heating system will have to work harder to heat the space and therefore the lifespan may be reduced (not to mention that it won’t be as effective at keeping you warm!).


Like any system if you keep it serviced and running smoothly, it will last longer. Regular servicing will keep all the components operational and improve the lifespan of the system.

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    Recommend these guys Bloody great service and price Cleaned up after they finished And did a great job


    OCTOBER 1, 2020

    Great service from the Airomania team on our house in Dulwich Hill, highly recommended.


    OCTOBER 25, 2020

    Installed 2 air-conditioning units in difficult to deal with strata apartment. Could not be happier with the service, advice, professionalism, and end result. Team was spotless,very thorough, cleaned and tidied everything. Highly recommended.


    SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

    Efficient, flexible installation of a multi split sort conditioning system in Rozelle. Aimen is a true professional who performs work to a high standard. Unlike Aimen, his colleagues didn't clean up after themselves, but this was minor and I suspect Aimen would have returned to clean up his colleagues mess if I'd let him know. Overall, happy with the job and would recommend


    OCTOBER 10, 2019

    Great service for a great price and although it was raining they were very good natured about installing the unit on the roof. I thoroughly recommend the team and Ramy and his brother and Said were great to work with!


    JULY 15, 2020

    Highly professional service every time. Honest company, who put their customers first. Quality workmanship, with genuine prices using high quality equipment. Would comfortably recommend Airomania to anyone requiring Air Conditioning and HVAC maintenance, new installs, and general servicing. Matthew


    SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

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