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Ducted gas heating

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What is ducted gas heating?

Ducted gas heating is an excellent option to evenly heat your home. With all the benefits of even heat distribution throughout the rooms it is used in, cost-effectiveness and versatility it is also environmentally friendly and will keep running even if the electricity goes out.

A ducted gas heating system has a heating unit that is often installed in the roof space or outside your home and which funnels the warm air through heating ducts and out into the rooms of your house. The heating vents can be installed in the floor or in the ceiling. The air in the room passes back through return grills and is then rewarmed by the heating unit and recirculated into the house.

With ducted gas heating, you can warm the whole house with just one system. But you don’t have to. If the system has zone control connected and you are not using one or more of the rooms, you can turn the system off in that part of the house. This amounts to energy and cost savings.

Likewise, ducted gas heating runs on natural gas which is a more economical fuel and results in further cost savings on your energy bill. Depending on the star rating of your system, you could save up to 30% on your energy bill.

Unlike using a gas heater, ducted gas heating is installed such that it keeps an even temperature across the whole room in which it is working. There are no cold spots where it feels like the heating isn’t on. The system is composed of variable speed fans that control the air flow and keep the rooms toasty.

Benefits of ducted gas heating

There is a multitude of benefits to installing ducted gas heating:

  • ease of use – just set the temperature on the thermostat and forget about it. The system will keep your rooms toasty warm
  • with zone control connected, you don’t have to heat the rooms you are not using
  • ducted gas systems are incredibly efficient and running on natural gas they are both more environmentally friendly and will save you on energy costs
  • rooms are heated evenly, even in large open plan spaces, which can be difficult with less comprehensive heating systems

Why choose Airomania

  • More than 15 years of experience in the HVAC space
  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting our customers needs within their budget
  • We are qualified, professional, friendly and ready to advise on and install the perfect air conditioning system for your home or business

    Recommend these guys Bloody great service and price Cleaned up after they finished And did a great job


    OCTOBER 1, 2020

    Great service from the Airomania team on our house in Dulwich Hill, highly recommended.


    OCTOBER 25, 2020

    Installed 2 air-conditioning units in difficult to deal with strata apartment. Could not be happier with the service, advice, professionalism, and end result. Team was spotless,very thorough, cleaned and tidied everything. Highly recommended.


    SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

    Efficient, flexible installation of a multi split sort conditioning system in Rozelle. Aimen is a true professional who performs work to a high standard. Unlike Aimen, his colleagues didn't clean up after themselves, but this was minor and I suspect Aimen would have returned to clean up his colleagues mess if I'd let him know. Overall, happy with the job and would recommend


    OCTOBER 10, 2019

    Great service for a great price and although it was raining they were very good natured about installing the unit on the roof. I thoroughly recommend the team and Ramy and his brother and Said were great to work with!


    JULY 15, 2020

    Highly professional service every time. Honest company, who put their customers first. Quality workmanship, with genuine prices using high quality equipment. Would comfortably recommend Airomania to anyone requiring Air Conditioning and HVAC maintenance, new installs, and general servicing. Matthew


    SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

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