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    Surge Protection

    A power surge happens when there is a very sudden change in electrical voltage in a circuit. This could occur due to a storm or lightening strike, an accident or just the act of switching on a faulty appliance.

    Power surges can damage or destroy electrical circuits and anything that is plugged into them or worse still, could cause a fire. This means that your expensive electronic devices and indeed your house runs the risk of being destroyed in the event of a power surge.

    It is however possible to stop power surges damaging your property with the right preventative measures. Surge protectors can be installed at device level, at circuit level, or at the switchboard, thus protecting the entire residence.

    If you need a more robust solution in the event of a power surge, an Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS can be installed. This provides a battery facility which keeps running power to your property if the main power goes out.

    Airomania’s technicians can advise you on what you need to protect your precious devices and other property and are qualified and certified to install the necessary equipment.