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    The massive upsurge in ownership of personal devices has brought with it a need for more powerpoints in the home. Plugging too many appliances and devices into a powerboard and therefore into a single power point on the wall is risky and can cause fuses to blow when electrical circuits are overloaded. 

    Luckily these days there is any number of powerpoint configurations available and it is easy to upgrade your powerpoints to a configuration that meets your needs and allows you to power all your devices without overloading the system.

    Powerpoints are available with single or multiple outlets, USB for device charging and additional switches for lighting or ceiling fans. They can be weather proof in case you need them for your outdoor set up. Need to run power out to your summer deck? We can help you. Powerpoints can be as simple or as complex as your needs.

    But they need to be installed by a qualified electrician and hardwired to the wall. Airomania’s technicians can design and implement the right configuration of power points, whatever your electrical needs.