Smart Air Conditioning Controller: AirTouch 4

State of the art climate control. Ever dreamt of having total control over your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner?

Say Hello to AirTouch 4 for smart control of your home’s air conditioning from anywhere.

Comfort & Efficiency

Compatible with leading brands, AirTouch is a smart air conditioning controller that lets you manage temperatures and airflow in up to 16 zones and up to 4 independent AC units from a touch screen, your mobile or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Sit back, relax and let AirTouch take care of your home’s climate control, making you more comfortable and helping save energy.

Smart Air Conditioning and Zone Control Solution to provide more comfort and energy efficiency for your home’s ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. Meet AirTouch, the smartest Aircontrol system yet. With a stylish touch screen display and remote app control from your smart device, AirTouch is an integrated, all in once control and zone management system for your air conditioning unit. Enjoy greater comfort, more convenience and save energy with the latest in smart air conditioning control. No 2 houses are the same, and no other air conditioner control system is designed to be as adaptable to different house designs, locations or family lifestyles as AirTouch.

AirTouch 4 enhances your ducted reverse cycle air conditioners potential in your home by providing more comfort and energy savings. The all new AirTouch 4 features superior temperature monitoring, a user friendly interface and better airflow management when compared to other options.

Individual Temperature Control

When the Sun comes out, AirTouch 4 shines! New with AirTouch 4 is the option for Individual temperature control, a feature that lets everyone enjoy their own temperature in the rooms that they are using. It also creates a better experience overall with more even temperatures and better energy efficiency: When the sun rises and warms up the rooms on one side of your house, AirTouch will adjust the airflow in those zones, and not waste air on rooms that are already comfortable. This new level of comfort is achieved with optional wireless Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors that actively monitor temperature changes and provide data for AirTouch to adjust the airflow accordingly.

With AirTouch, Alexa has a new Skill to control your home climate.

Already love Alexa on the Amazon Echo speaker? Now, she can control your air conditioning. With ducted reverse cycle systems, you can now use Amazon Alexa in conjunction with AirTouch to cool you down, warm you up, and more.

Ok Google, Turn on the air Conditioning

ust say the word and your comfort is AirTouch’s command.

“Ok Google, Turn on the Air Conditioning”…

…”Hey Alexa, cool down the family room…” 

AirTouch 4 makes it easy to control your home climate with either your Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker.

Setting up AirTouch to work with smart assistants is a straight forward process. Simply link AirTouch to your Google Assistant with your Google Account or add it as a new Skill to Amazon Alexa.

Remote App Control

Have total control of your ducted air conditioning from your phone or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Created with busy family lifestyles in mind, AirTouch Air Conditioning Appturns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control and monitoring system for your air conditioner wherever you are. Just imagine the convenience of waking up in the morning and turning on your climate control before getting out of bed using your smartphone. Turn on your air conditioner from work so it is the perfect temperature when you get home, or even turn it off when you are out if you forgot to when you were leaving home. That’s convenient comfort!

Smart Temperature Alerts

AirTouch takes remote app control a step further with remote temperature alerts. When you are away and the house is empty, AirTouch can send an alert to your smartphone if home is getting too hot or cold so you can decide to turn on the AC remotely. You can even checkup to make sure home is comfortable for you when you walk in the door!

Smart Energy Management

Save on energy bills with AirTouch. AirTouch 4 tracks your air conditioner’s running time helping you to monitor and manage your energy usage.