Air Conditioner Tips During Sydney’s Hot Summers

January 13, 2021
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The hot summer is a challenging time for Sydney residents. It can be hard to stay cool and still avoid an enormous power bill. Want some tips to stay cool while still saving money, even on a hot day in Sydney? Here are a few top tips from Airomania.

1. Keep The Temperature Set At 25 Degrees Celsius During The Day 

25C is cool enough to keep you comfortable on a hot day, but is not such a low setting that you’ll be sucking up a lot of power. When you’re home during the day, we recommend keeping your thermostat no lower than 25C to save money.

2. Turn Down Your Air Con For A Better Night’s Sleep 

Doctors have found that temperatures between 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius are ideal for high quality sleep, so at night, you may want to consider turning down your air con to stay cool, and to make sure you can sleep peacefully. 

If the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius in your room, you may find that you have more trouble sleeping. So stay comfortable at night. Consider turning the air con down to about 20-22 degrees when you sleep, and using a fan to stay cool. 

3. Turn Up The Temperature When You’re Not At Home 

If you’re spending 8-10 hours out of the house at work, there’s no reason to have your air con blasting at full power while you’re not there. Turn your air conditioning unit or thermostat down when you leave – turning it up by 5 or 6 degrees will help you save a lot of energy. 

Then, when you come back home, you can turn it back down for your comfort. A programmable thermostat can do this for you automatically, so that’s a good investment, too! 

4. Use Fans To Cool Down, Too

Fans help move air around, and cool down your body temperature by moving cooler air over your skin. While they don’t “cool” the air, they can make you feel a lot more comfortable. 

Consider buying a few fans and placing them in living areas to circulate the cool air, and you can stay cool and comfortable. For even better results on hot days, use a spray bottle to mist yourself and then sit in front of a fan – the water will evaporate, cooling you down even more! 

5. Check For Drafts Around Windows And Doors 

Drafts around windows, doors, and other openings like crawlspaces can cause a lot of air leakage, decreasing A/C efficiency and increasing your power bill. Checking for drafts and sealing them up is a great way to stay more comfortable and save money during the hot Sydney summer. 

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